The Corromount Story

Dave, the owner and creator of Corromount was frustrated. As a builder by trade, Dave deals with a lot of corrugated iron – it’s part of the Australian architectural ecosystem, and renowned for its reliability, toughness and durability. It also looks bloody amazing.

Unfortunately though, it’s pretty difficult to mount pipes, electrical outlets, light fittings, outdoor TVs (and so on) to corrugated iron. Its ridged design means there’s always unsightly gaps, strange angles and cut offs that may catch the eye of a potential client as unfinished or worse – sloppy.

Other corrugated mounting blocks on the market didn’t cut it – they required a lot of manual labour to install, or would need to be customised to suit specific purposes. A surefire headache for any plumber, builder or sparkie who wanted to get the job done right the first time around!

Besides this, they were often made from cheap, nasty materials that would fall to bits after being drilled or mounted – and needed replacing. And so, Dave created Corromount.

Corromount is made from 100% recycled materials – plastic and wood cuttings – and is fully UV treated for a life under the Australia sun. 

Each Corromount mounting block is made for a specific purpose in mind – round is perfect for mounting pipes and certain light fittings, rectangle is suited for mounting electrical outlets – and the stock sheet can be customised, cut and shaped to suit any sort of application. Plus, it looks good – with a minimal profile that can be easily painted: Corromount is the builders choice when it comes to mounting to corrugated building materials. 

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