Sustainable Materials

100% Australian Made

Durable & UV Stabilised

Sustainable Materials

100% Australian Made

Durable & UV Resistant


Frequently asked questions about Corromount

Recycled building materials made to last

Learn more about our 100% recycled building material here

Corromount is handmade in Australia from 100% recycled materials – rough, rugged and ready for a life under the intense Australian sun. Because we care about our end users and the planet, Corromount is super easy to install and maintain – and made to last. If you’re interested in learning more, please see below for our most frequently asked questions about the Corromount corrugated iron mounting blocks. However, if you can’t find what you’re after in this FAQ, or need a custom Corromount mounting block for your next big project, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team here. We’re here to help!

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I am interested in becoming a stockist for Corromount. How can I arrange this?2021-11-05T00:05:22+00:00

You can count on fast, helpful service with Corromount. Contact us using this form and we will get in touch promptly to discuss becoming a stockist for Corromount.

How can I be sure that the Corromount range will be durable?2021-09-08T02:48:01+00:00

Corromount is made out of strong, durable materials designed to withstand the harshest Australian elements. See what tradies, builders and architects who count on Corromount have to say about its durability here.

Where can I buy Corromount in person?2021-11-05T00:08:27+00:00

You can find the range of Corromount blocks at these quality retailers.

Is Corromount environmentally friendly?2021-08-10T03:49:21+00:00

Corromount is made from 100% recycled materials here in Australia. It is strong and durable, designed to withstand the harshest elements and stand the test of time. At Corro-Mount we are passionate about sustainability and in particular about supporting recycling of single use plastics.

Is Corromount a superior product?2021-09-08T02:49:33+00:00

We think so and so do our customers; see what they have to say here. Corromount is counted on by builders, tradies and architects who want to achieve a professional finish in their work. It is easy to work with; is strong and durable against the elements, and is sustainably made in Australia using 100% recycled materials.

How will Corromount save me time and money?2021-08-10T03:48:40+00:00

On the job, time is money. Corromount is easy to cut, drill through and install. It allows you to fit-off faster on both vertical and horizontal corro with no filling in; saving time on the job whilst creating a great-looking, professional finish every time.

Can I use Corromount for electrical or plumbing projects?2021-08-10T03:48:18+00:00

Corromount blocks are ideal for electrical and plumbing projects that involve fitting off to corrugated iron. You can count on Corromount to create a great-looking, professional finish, with a  smooth, water-tight final detail that keeps out moisture and vermin.

What sort of projects are suited to Corromount?2021-08-10T03:47:28+00:00

Corromount creates a great-looking, water-tight finish for all fixtures fitted to corrugated iron. Corromount is ideal for plumbing and electrical fit-offs, as well as structural and ornamental fixtures and fittings that need to take weight.

What materials are used to make the Corromount range?2021-08-10T03:46:39+00:00

The range of Corromount blocks are made of strong durable Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) which is created using 100% recycled materials.

Corromount Customer Reviews

This is a brilliant innovative product. It finally allows the Tradesmen, once & for all, to solve this common situation with a smart solution, to complete the job aesthetically to a professional finished level. Well done! Dave at CorroMount deserves more than a thumbs up.

Stutzy, Licensed Plumber & Gasfitter
Incredibly versatile product and easy to work with. Highly recommend using this instead of those overpriced plastic ones on the market.
Con Patsalas, Feb 2020
Great solution to the problem of mounting anything onto Colorbond.
Andy Irvine, Aug 2019

What an amazing product – Absolute amazing.Easy to install and just finishes off the shed. Highly recommend.

Craige Milward, Aug 2020
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