The Sustainable Querstion

When you’re gearing up for your next electrical, plumbing or construction job – you have a number of choices to make.

  1. What materials will you use?
  2. Have you considered your carbon footprint?
  3. Have you considered the impact your project will have on the environment?
  4. What kind of maintenance will your project need in 1 year? 10 years? 100 years?

Sustainability is incredibly important when it comes to architecture, construction and building – especially now, as issues like global warming are knocking on our doorstep. Modern construction techniques should be focused on completing projects that last the test of time; resistant to increasingly strenuous weather conditions, UV damage and general wear and tear.

Sustainability means practicality – it’s not only cost effective, but sensible to design your project around better practices for you and the planet!

The Sustainable Solution

Corromount corrugated mounting blocks are for the conscious builder, tradie, architect and DIY expert. Each of our Corromount products are made from 100% sustainably sourced, recycled materials – non toxic plastic from milk bottles, wood trimmings and adhesives. It’s Corromounts simplicity that makes it strong and durable – you can paint it, sand it, prep it and drill it however works best to ensure a quality bind to any corrugated surface.

Every Corromount block is fully UV treated too, ensuring that your project lasts the test of time under the harsh Australian sun, wind and rain.

Supporting local business is essential when it comes to designing and building sustainably: Corromount is made in Australia – by locals, for locals.