Plastic is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. 

From the plastic in your jeans to the keyboard this is being written on, we have an ongoing love affair with the stuff that stretches back generations. However, in recent times, plastic has received a fairly bad rap:- and justifiably so. 

While it is cheap and relatively easy to create, a vast majority of plastic degrades quite slowly – and can end up in landfill, the ocean and even our drinking water. Following on from the theme of sustainability, we thought we would give you all a better insight into just how Corromount mounting blocks are made. 


Corromount is made from 100% recycled materials – sustainably sourced from plastic wood off cuts from various manufacturing processes. 

At Corromount, we have worked hard to perfect the formula and mix of these by products to create a tough, UV resistant corrugated mounting solution for architects, engineers, builders, sparkies, metal workers, plumbers… and tradies of all kinds. 

Each Corromount mounting block is made from over 15 milk bottles worth of plastic and timber off cuts from various woodworking projects. This means Corromount doesn’t just look great, and lasts forever – it also helps to trap and reclaim some of the energy and carbon that’s unleashed into the world.

The next time you’re starting a construction, engineering, design or electrical project, consider Corromount.

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