Since the dawn of time, humans have been utilising a wide range of materials to keep a roof over our heads – from bricks made from mud and straw, to thatched roofs; and modern techniques such as using sustainable timber, non toxic plastic and fabrics. Corromount joins in this rich tradition of conscious construction, with our Corromount corrugated iron mounting blocks – all made from 100% sustainable materials. 

Corromount is made exclusively from plastic and wood. In fact, each Corromount mounting block contains over 15 milk bottles worth of plastic, mixed with wood chips – sourced from sustainable timber. This means when you purchase Corromount for your next building, plumbing or electrical job – you’re helping not just yourself, but also minimising your project’s carbon footprint. 

In conjunction, each Corromount mounting block is thoroughly tested and treated for life under the intense Australian sun – and is fully UV treated before sale. You can sand, paint or prep Corromount any way you like. It’s designed to be able to take on any kind of preparation while still looking great and lasting for years to come. 

Corromount was created by a builder for builders, architects, plumbers, sparkies, tradies and DIY aficionados who appreciate a professional finish on their work. It’s designed to be incredibly easy to install and attach to corrugated metal – simply drill, fit and you’re on your way. 

Reach out to one of our stockists today and see how professional Corromount can look in your next plumbing, electrical or building project. When the finish counts, you can count on Corromount. 

When the finish counts, count on Corromount